So, you hired an agent you believed had your best interest at heart and after months of dealing with showings, keeping your house clean and a lot of stress you decide to take your house off the market or the listing expires.  What went wrong and how will you avoid making the same mistakes when you decide it’s time to put your house back on the market?

Homeowners, it’s time to get real and go back to the beginning when you thought it was a good idea to talk to a lot of real estate agents prior to making a decision on who to hire.  The first dose of reality is that most agents don’t actually want to sell your house.  Instead, they want to get the buyers who will call about your house and then sell them another one in a different neighborhood. The more listings they have, the more buyers they will get and this is their game plan all along.  

The next reality check is that most agents will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get the listing!  “You want to sell your house for a millions dollars?  Absolutely, let’s get it on the market asap!”  This happens far too often and the result is that your house will not sell.  Even when your house is priced slightly above the market, price reductions don’t always work and in the end you have buyers wondering what is wrong with your house because it hasn’t sold.  

We see overpriced listings all the time and we talk with frazzled homeowners after their house doesn’t sell who still do not understand what went wrong.  We hear things like “the market just isn’t good right now, so we will wait to put it back on in the Spring”.  The reason your house didn’t sell has nothing to do with the market.  Your house didn’t sell because you hired an agent who wasn’t honest with you and does not have the skills to effectively price your house.  A great marketing plan is useless if your house is not priced right.

When it is time to sell your house, these are the things you have to do to ensure a successful sale:

  • Hire an agent who is honest!
  • Hire an agent who knows the market and studies the market everyday!
  • Hire an agent who will provide a comprehensive market analysis based on facts!
  • Hire an agent who has a proven track record of not just listing houses, but selling houses!
  • Hire an agent who has a listing plan and the ability to explain their systems and processes!
  • Hire an agent who has experience and integrity!

You want to hire an agent who will price your house ahead of the market.  This takes experience and skill!  The best agents not only have these attributes, they also are effective communicators and strong negotiators.  

When it comes time to interview agents, remember this . . . If they are telling you only what they think you want to hear, they probably won’t get the job done.  Pricing a house correctly is not based on the opinion of any agent.  It is based on the current real estate market.

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Christina Moreno